What Makes Us Different?
Our business philosophy is composed of three principles: ethics, investing in sync with the market trend, and keeping the investment process simple. We emphasize a Proprietary Dynamic Asset Allocation Discipline, which is a combination of Macro (growth, inflation, sector rotation and U.S. Treasury Yield) and Technical Analysis using momentum, breadth and trend following methods to reduce portfolio volatility, while managing market risk by understanding cyclical and secular trends. We pursue a significant reduction of volatility, while seeking superior Risk‐Adjusted Returns, compared to conventional Buy‐and‐Hold portfolios. We implement a strong blend between Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, positioning portfolios defensively or aggressively as defined by the main market trend, while taking advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.
Our portfolio management style and trading decisions are neither 100% systematic, nor 100% discretionary, it is a balanced combination of both. We use top down analysis to define the macro economic scenario and find investment opportunities accordingly. Last but not least, through a very tight trade management of positions, where price, volume and volatility are key, scaling in and out of positions, we let our profits run as much as possible, while cutting losses very early.
Our track record includes the following:
• Hit the market top in March 2000.
• Nailed the market bottom in March 2003.
• Announced the market top in November 2007 – Furthermore, sold all mortgages and financials several months before the collapse of the markets.
• Once again, nailed the market bottom in March 2009.
• Timely announced another market top before a steep drop in July 2011.
• Called the market bottom in October 2011.

Detailed Information
The advisor has over 30 years of experience in the industry, working for companies such as Lehman Brothers Private Client Services, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management and EFG Capital International, the U.S. broker dealer of EFG Bank in Switzerland. The advisor opened his own RIA firm in 2008. Since then, the practice has successfully undergone two routine regulatory audits and maintains a superb disciplinary and compliance record.
The advisor has experienced transitional periods involved in merging and buying asset management firms during his time at Lehman Brothers and mainly, EFG Capital International.
We are purely fee-based and our clients include both domestic and international individuals and families. We work with a variety of experienced professionals, as some of the services we offer (i.e. international trust structures and administration) are complex and require their involvement and expertise. Although Interactive Brokers is our preferred custodian in the US, our clients retain all ownership of securities whether at Interactive Brokers or at their preferred custodian bank or broker-dealer.
The firm has 15 clients and $65 million under management. 2016 revenue is $450k. We manage assets in-house and also work with external asset managers. We use very simple and liquid investment vehicles such as money markets, bonds, stocks and funds. Our book of positions is extremely liquid.
Our typical client is a business owner close to retirement or retired who wants to ensure that the next generation of heirs, are ready and capable of following his/her steps in the family business and at the same time, will be able to work with the advisor while making responsible and informed decisions regarding financial investments.

Our Priorities
Ideally, we are seeking to buy a practice that shares in our business ethics and philosophy, while offering a personalized environment to its clients. The practice should be mainly fee-based, manage $40MM to $200MM, and service a reasonable and manageable number of clients. We do, however, remain flexible in such terms.
The practice should have no legal or compliance outstanding issues and the seller must have a clean record. We can be very flexible in many instances, but not in terms of legal, compliance, and background checks.
The ideal practice to acquire should have a book of liquid assets.
Due to the nature of our investment discipline, we spend a substantial amount of time conducting research and trading. Therefore, acquiring a firm that is more client service oriented can create great synergies. If the selling advisor has capable and skillful staff, ideally we would like to keep those employees to accomplish a very smooth transition, where client service will be paramount. Such employees may be welcomed to stay even after the acquisition is completed, assuming employee and advisor are equally happy with each other.

Life After Acquisition
The advisor should be between 1 and 5 years away from succession planning. In order to facilitate a smooth transition for both the buyer and new clients, the seller should be willing to remain involved during the transitional years. We are flexible and look forward to discussing further details to facilitate a successful transition with the seller.
It is worth mentioning once again that the advisor has experienced transitional periods when merging or buying asset management firms while at Lehman Brothers and mainly, EFG Capital International.

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