Independent boutique registered investment advisory firm located in Roseville, California, in the industry since 1980 and firm was established in 1989. Registered principal with new Broker/Dealer (October of 2016) and we are not interested in moving to another broker dealer again. Whoever is interested in us would need to be willing to join. Please do not contact me if you want us to join your broker dealer.

If the numbers make sense, I am open to either a gradual 'slope' exit plan allowing a younger successor to gradually take over a period of 5-7 years, or possibly a shorter 'cliff' exit plan where I phase out over 2-3 years. Our current estimated timeline is as follows: 2017: interview interested parties for mutual compatibility and simultaneously discuss/plan/create a blue print of the transition plan. 2018: Confirm that all the components (plan design/legal/compliance/product mix/employee staff/deal structure, etc.) are properly in place for possible execution in late 2018 or 2019.

Looking for someone whose philosophy aligns with “Holistic Financial Life Planning”. This is an active philosophy embracing the notion that nine different areas of our lives: family, home, career, community, leisure, learning, spiritual/emotional growth, health and finances are all interconnected and interdependent.

We believe that most people seek balance in life. At the same time, we all experience “life transitions.” One door of life opens, as another door closes. Through innovative self-assessments, combined with gentle, respectful and confidential conversation, we invite clients to explore the areas of their lives that they feel comfortable talking about.

With our method, support and guidance we help people evaluate their existing financial resources and strategies and assess the assets they have in place to support their values, goals and objectives. If their financial resources, strategies and assets are sufficient to meet their goals, they have found reason to continue on the same path, with the same tools. But, if they discover that their financial resources, strategies and assets are not adequate, suggestions are offered through which they can establish greater alignment between the other eight areas of their life and their money.

Product mix clarification: Our 60% in 'annuities' is broken down with about 15% in fixed interest and fixed indexed annuities and about 45% in variable annuities of which about 30% are managed by third party money managers.

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