Kaydan Wealth Management is a 30+ year old hybrid Wealth Management Firm consisting of 10 team members. It provides both Investment Management and comprehensive Wealth Management solutions to over 600 family relationships. Organic growth, which has averaged nearly 20% per year, has slowed and as such we are seeking strategic partnerships to supplement our traditional growth. Our current size, detailed processes, and scalability provide both opportunity and flexibility to structure the right acquisition, roll up, or tuck in. We are interested in measured transitions as opposed to an immediate outright purchase thereby providing the greatest opportunity to maximize both enterprise value and flexibility for both parties, while providing consistency for clients and existing staff.

Kaydan Wealth Management is run by a single Owner/Founder and grew deliberately over time, resulting in the financial flexibility to structure the right deal. Additionally, since our size is a reflection of measured growth and not strung together by multiple recent acquisitions, we have the financial strength to weather a sizable recession and the resulting drops in assets and practice revenue which accompanies such an event.

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