My hope is to find someone with a similar mindset, who wants the best for their clients upon their eventual departure.

My goal is to connect with an advisor looking to exit the business or merge to solidify a succession plan. I have had success in acquiring a book already. That experience gives me an edge over my peers in understanding what the process might look like for us and being prepared to help you and your clients through the transition. I am open to an outright purchase, sell and stay or merger with the appropriate partner.

I am a fee based independent advisor (AIF®, CFP®, CPFA) with high touch client relationships. My primary focus is on comprehensive financial planning and investment management for individuals and their families. The vast majority of meetings are held in-person but I have also successfully incorporated web-based meetings for those who are comfortable using technology. I work closely with outside partners (CPA, Attorney, Mortgage Broker etc.) to form a client-centric team, working toward a cohesive strategy. If not already in place, I will refer the appropriate partner as needed.

Most client accounts are managed using mutual funds and ETFs, which are also customized to be tax aware and complimentary of any outside investments. SMAs and Alternative Investments are utilized for qualified/accredited investors. I will suggest insurance or annuity products only as part of a total wealth plan and to fit very specific needs.

I also offer 3(21) or 3(38) services for 401(k) plans, depending on the needs of the plan. I provide plan construction/analysis and benchmarking using tools from Fi360 and more. I hold ongoing educational seminars and individual participant meetings, with the goal of becoming the primary financial planning resource to all within the plan.

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