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Your financial objectives for your family, business, and heirs drive our entire planning process. We begin by developing a clear set of objectives using our unique Five Step Process. Most people have a broad sense of what they hope to accomplish but often lack specific objectives. By sharing our knowledge and experience we can help you crystallize and prioritize the things that matter most to you.

Next, we perform a comprehensive audit of your current assets and legal documents and review your progress toward your goals. While most people have done some planning, all aspects may not be coordinated and there may be items that fall through the cracks. Once we understand where you are now and your goals for the future, Triumph Capital, LLC will present appropriate options so you can make informed decisions. In conjunction with your attorney and accountant, we implement your plan, draft and sign new or updated legal documents, require completed tax filings, and implement appropriate financial products and investment strategies.

Planning is a process, not an event. The three most important elements of our process are to help you crystallize your objectives, implement your plan, and update it periodically.

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