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I am the Owner of my Firm, Cobblestone Financial Services, with over 20 years experience. I'm in the early 40's so I am a blend of youth & experience. I am with an Independent BD located in Auburn Hills, MI. I earned my Finance Degree in 2000 - and this is the ONLY career I've had (except my time in the Army before and during college). I am both a CFP (Certified Financial Planner), as well as a CPFA (Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor).

I service both Families and Businesses with their Investments, Insurance, and Estate Planning Needs. I have several Support Staff Members that support me directly with my clients. I have room to expand and I am going to be in this business for the next 30 years (as I see it – and God Willing!).

I am looking to Buy Financial Practices in my area from Advisors who are looking to retire or stop producing in their field related to my professional focus. Overall, my goal is to begin conversations with those Advisors that are considering exiting the field in 1 to 5 years in advance. I believe strongly in learning as much as I can about the Experienced Advisor on how they managed their clients expectations, how communication took place, and what their clients wanted from their professional relationship. I also want to learn what the Selling Advisor views as being most important to them as the retire their practice.

I can be contacted at the following:

Office: (___-___-____
Thank you!

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