Blue Haven Capital in Geneva, Illinois is a full fiduciary, fee-only firm. My background of 15+ years on the institutional fixed income side of the business brings a high-level bond knowledge unmatched by most firms serving the 1-5mm individual market. We use indexing on the equity side and use individual bonds on the FI side. Dimensional funds, index ETFs, and individual bonds make up the majority of the instruments in our portfolios. NO INTEREST IN SELLING, strong interest in buying small like-minded firms. Also, if you are getting crushed with overhead and want to merge into an existing firm and continue working, let's talk. I custody 100% of the firm's assets at Schwab.

Post COVID addendum: We've worked remotely for like 6 years. This is nothing new. I've wintered and summered in Saas Fee, wintered in Florida, visited Buenos Aires for 30-45 days at a time. Yes we have office space in Geneva, but yes, we offer the ultimate in geographic flexibility for our Investment Advisor Reps. If you are an IA at a trust department or a large firm and want to slow down but keep your cash flow going as you service clients you've had for ages, we absolutely should be on your radar.

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