We are a Fee-Only RIA firm based in Columbus, Ohio. There is one portfolio manager, three financial advisers, and two operations staff with plans to hire another operations team member within the next year, as well as another adviser within the next 2 years or so. There is currently one CFP on staff, but by November 19th, 2016, it's expected that number will rise to 3. Since we put so much weight on full-blown, comprehensive financial planning, we require that all advisers obtain the CFP certification within 2-3 years of employment with our firm.

Our clients are mostly individuals and couples. However, we've recently started to see an increase in the number of businesses coming on board (via 401(k)'s, SIMPLE's and SEP's.). We do not (and legally cannot) charge commissions as a Fee-Only firm, and while we do, on rare occasion, recommend annuities to clients, we use fee-only, no commission, no-penalty VA's that the client can exit at any time. The rest of our practice's investment mix is allocated into ETFs and individual issues.

We've experienced some wonderful, organic growth this past few years, but we're interested in beginning to look at buying existing practices from those who are looking to retire and leave the industry. Naturally, the seller would have to be the right fit - someone who has truly formed deep relationships with their clients with ethics being the foundation upon which the firm was built.

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