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Historically an asset management boutique. Aims to expand new approach to Financial Advice and Investment.

A financial advisor’s service should state clearly and transparently how it is differentiated, low cost, and designed for your best interest.


At a time of unprecedented long term investment risk, a financial advisor should be able to explain clearly why most investors have poor long-term results and how to go about generating transformative long-term returns and a better financial platform for your life.


Great care needs to be taken with financial plans. In last weeks blog I wrote that "The flaws of Defined Benefit retirement plans are still embedded in today’s financial plans"


I was a Managing Director on the Proprietary Trading Desk for JPMorgan in London, and over the last 15 years I have developed a range of investments models I can individually tailor to individuals. Some of this information is on my web site.

I realize the importance of socially responsible investing and screen for this. Aside from ethical considerations I also believe this is a good business requirement.

As regards other financial advice, I have 34 years professional financial experience. Nevertheless, the financial field is very broad, and specialists are necessary at times. This is why I am part of a national network of CPAs (https://___), Asset Managers (https://___), Insurance specialists, estate planners, college planners and really any specialization within finance.

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