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We specialize in investment management and goal-based financial planning. We have acquired a practice in the past and have financing at the ready for an advisor looking to retire in the next 2-5 years. We have a very high retention rate thus far and are looking for another acquisition/succession plan in the Bay Area, Idaho, or Utah given that we have the considerable capacity with ~$70M AUM. We are CPA and CFP® professionals and also have two 10+ year experienced 10 CPAs in our firm giving us the capability to provide tax prep/planning, financial planning, and investment management in one integrated experience. For scaling our business, we have also brought on an investment advisor rep who is a 25+ year experienced CFA to handle our daily trading operations.

We are open to bringing staff of an acquired firm with us to manage a smooth transition and avoid attrition. We intend to honor the service model established by predecessors so clients understand that we respect the way they were treated by prior to becoming our clients. We feel strongly that this respect and intent to not change everything all at once coupled with our credentials, experience, and young(er) age, makes us an attractive firm for succession planning.

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