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A little over 20 years ago, Toby Meisenheimer left his high school math teacher post to start as an independent in the financial services space. Folks thought he was crazy. He probably was, and is the current visionary for the firm.

10 years later he convinced his younger but taller brother to leave teaching as well and join him. He can point to the S&P 500 graph where Tim jumped in (hint: August 2008). Tim says no to 9 of 10 of Toby's ideas, and that's what makes him great.

Dave Zoller (___) is the third partner and CFP, and usually eats the healthiest and has listened to the most podcasts.

Sharing core values with any future partner, or as we acquire other practices, is essential to us. It's more than about the ___ we thought we would share our "Advantage" (Patrick Lencioni) Playbook with you for the purpose of gaining insight into how we think and do things over here.

Why do we exist?
Streamline exists to help our clients do what they were created to do.
To help bring financial contentment to people’s lives
To remove the stress of money issues from client’s shoulders.

How do we behave?
1 + 1 > 2 → Collaboration for the good of the team deliver better results.
How am I serving others for greater combined results?
Seriously Fun → We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously
How am I creating positive culture?
What am I doing to stay committed to my personal scorecard?
Make it Better → Change is necessity
What am I doing to improve our organization?

Prioritize → Focus on the important, not the urgent
Positivity → Having the right state of mind that pushes the team to positive change
Action Oriented → No decision is a decision

Biblical Worldview
Doing what’s best for the client

How will we succeed?
Fun, modern, and flexible work environment.
Individualizing understandable plans and strategies to the client
Relationships over Revenue (Growth through deepening the most important relationships)

We think like planners, but act like behavior coaches.
Carl Richards > your CPA
We know what works over time and what is noise.
Nick Murray > CNBC
We show people how to interact with their plan and own it.
eMoney > a binder
We make the meetings an experience, rather than an obligation.
Starbucks > the dentist

If any of this warrants a conversation, we look forward to hosting you for a cappuccino and a round of ping-pong at our office, so you can see for yourself who might be the next steward of the relationships that you've cared for over the years.

Toby and the Streamline Team

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