99% fee-based independent RIA. We provide holistic wealth management to our clients including tax, insurance, estate and investment management. Our investment portfolios are evidence-based, low-cost, asset-class based that utilize a blend of low-cost ETFs and a couple of closed-end mutual funds to create globally diversified portfolios.

We are a small firm that I recently joined as Principal and are exploring all avenues for growth. I am 35, my partner is a very healthy 68 and planning to be with me as long as he's of sound mind and body. Staff of 5 (including partner and myself). We have developed a niche with professional women, divorcees, and widows, but are happy to discuss any type of client for acquisition if it makes sense.

Interested in finding like-minded firm(s) that are looking for a succession or buyout plan. My partner and I have 40+ years of combined industry experience, and our intent is to grow the firm as much as we can in a responsible manner.

We are affiliated with a local BD which my partner owns, which was the primary source of existing client base.

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