Fieldpoint Private is $3.7B wealth advisory with an embedded $900M private bank, actively in search of strategic combinations with a shared philosophy toward clients.

Back in 2006 and 2007 a group of friends and former colleagues began comparing notes about the quality of advice they were receiving from their financial services providers. It was not just any group. These individuals had built or led some of the most successful companies in the US and the world, including serving as Chairman and CEO at such firms as Merrill Lynch, UBS Americas, TD Ameritrade, Gillette and The Home Depot. Seven had served as Chairman or Director of the NYSE.

They knew what successful families were looking for because they were living it: a combined global view of all of their assets regardless of custodian; a unified wealth strategy encompassing both sides of the balance sheet, and absolute certainty that the advice they received would be unquestionably objective.

Given their backgrounds and their wealth, they had expected to experience exactly what they were looking for. Upon comparing notes, however, they found themselves to be under-advised, under-serviced, and underwhelmed.
They began to ask themselves and one another, is this the very best the industry has to offer?

Soon, what started as conversations among a group of people with no intention of founding a wealth management firm led to the realization that the kind of firm they were looking for simply did not exist.

So they decided to build it.

Ten years later it is clear they hit a nerve. Their firm, Fieldpoint Private, has become one of the fastest growing UHNW wealth advisory firms in the country, and within it you will find the fastest growing new private bank of its time. What you won’t find is anything that resembles the compromises that have tarnished the firms Fieldpoint Private was designed to replace.

The firm is in New York City, Greenwich CT and Palm Beach today. While it will add teams and offices as it meets professionals who share its philosophy, it will remain forever a boutique. If you would like to learn more you are invited to watch the founders tell the story, in their own words -- http://___ -- or contact the firm directly.

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