The mission of the firm is to become the best advisor in their chosen markets as measured by “Value Delivered To The Client”

As practitioners of Values-Based Financial Planning™ the firm helps clients build a financial strategy, starting with the client’s own unique values — based upon what is truly important to the client. Defining these unique individual values, the firm is able to offer and implement fully comprehensive financial services helping clients achieve their important goals based upon their deeply held values, and develop deep meaningful relationships with their clients.

The proprietary Navigation 360 Planning Process™ developed by the firm is utilized to implement the clients fully comprehensive plan and keep everything on track so the clients have the highest probability of achieving their goals. The Navigation 360 Planning Process™ employs a multi meeting approach with the first meeting being a “fit” meeting where no decisions are made by the client or the firm, to begin a business relationship. Subsequent meetings are only undertaken once both parties have had at least 48 hours to reflect upon the first meeting and determine there is a good fit for each other. This process creates a higher probability of a mutually beneficial long term business relationship between the two parties.

The Navigation 360 Planning Process™ also utilizes various proprietary checklists which are cycled through on an annual basis for the client. The checklists keep important items from falling through the cracks. The service model indentifies small problems before they become big problem, at which time course corrections are taken to keep clients on track toward their goals. The firm operates the planning process just as a pilot flying an airplane, uses their checklists and compass for navigation allowing passengers to arrive safely at their destination.

The clients best served by the firm are open minded financial delegators that realize financial planning is about quality of life and not just the performance of their investment portfolio.  They are also content to leaving the financial micro-managing to professionals, allowing the clients to focus their attention on family, friends, community, hobbies, travel, and enjoying their lives. They understand the value of a true team of professionals and are comfortable compensating them for their expertise. They have a strong sense of purpose, values, and goals in their life.  They realize that achieving financial security requires commitment, money, time and planning; the results of which serve to enhance their quality of life.

While some revenue is generated from commissions, the long-term goal of the firm is establishing or acquiring an RIA. The firm is seeking strategic acquisitions with other advisors or firms that will help accomplish the goal of becoming 100% fee. Firm utilizes stocks, bonds, ETF’s, and mutual funds to accomplish client goals. Some third-party asset managers are used when it best serves the client. We have no interest in firms that are actively trading for revenue generation.

The firm’s ideal seller would be an advisor that values the relationships they have developed and will work with acquiring firm to successfully transition those relationships in a time frame workable for all parties. Seller would also we willing to share ideas, processes, and systems with acquiring firm as the firm is always seeking to improve, allowing the firm to deliver even greater value to the client.

The firm seeks to create a transition for the seller which allows a comfortable and smooth landing into their next chapter of life. The transition will leave the seller confident, knowing that clients will be served at a high level and that the transition will allow sellers legacy to continue growing long after transition is completed in full.

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