Hamilton Investment Counsel is a hybrid RIA and B/D clearing through LPL financial. Our practice is 98 % fee based with the remainder being a combination of annuities from past business. All new business being fee based. We take our obligations of being a fiduciary very seriously. We have constructed our practice to one that is transparent, flexible, and very cost effective for our clients. We believe assets over 100k should be invested in individuals both stock and bond allowing the client to recognize what they own and why they own it. We are a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro member and a designated Financial Coach through Dave Ramsey Solutions as well. We believe in helping our clients with more than just investment or traditional financial planning. Our services include budgeting, getting out of debt and putting clients on the path to solid financial footing. We believe that we offer the more services than any firm we have been compared to at a fraction of the cost. We are looking to expand our practice in the southeast while being centered in Greater Georgia.

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