The Riviera Group is a comprehensive, RIA and BD consulting firm focused on transaction advisory. We are engaged by pre-approved, investment advisors who pay our fee to find them RIAs that fit with their strategic growth initiatives. Our clients know how in-demand RIAs are in today’s environment and that they will likely need to overpay for one that fits their plan and vision.

Ultimately investment advisors and their firms need customized solutions from industry experts that solve for the everyday challenges in managing and operating a growing, profitable and efficient business. These customized solutions begin with us.

This Profile was completed to create a medium for us to reach out and contact other firms that are interested in learning more about how a merger or potential succession plan sale down the road can benefit them now and allow them to participate in their own growth going forward.

From advising our clients to ideal transaction structures which results in collaborative successful environments that prosper going forward, all of our fees are paid by our clients that we represent.

The reality is that the vast majority of interested buyers don’t have either a realistic acquisition plan or financing. Most are tire kickers that waste your time.

We’d love to talk to you.

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