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Our firm: Nashville-based RIA with roots going back to Davidson Partners, the asset management arm of JC Bradford. Following Bradford's acquisition, the management group left and started an independent RIA. Currently we have $800 million in AUM, 100% fee-based. Our clients include HNW, UHNW, institutions, non-profits, retirement plans and a small 401k business. We build customized portfolios (stocks, ETFs, bonds, alts, MFs) to meet each client's needs while keeping costs and taxes low. We are deeply involved in the client’s financial life and help to guide them through all things necessary to be financially healthy.

*Target client size = $1-25 million.

*Average client = roughly $2.5 million

What exactly are we looking for? A like-minded individual or group to join our firm. We are a team-based firm that truly operating with a client-first mentality. We hire good people. We could used an asset gathering specialist, operations manager, workflow/technology integration specialist, trader/PM - this role would be to implement and changes that come from investment committee meetings. Raise cash for clients if needed. Own the trade order management system and be the go-to person i that area.

*A smaller firm/individual looking to be part of a larger and growing team with an existing, technologically fresh and efficient platform.
*100% fee based business.
*Team-oriented people with similar philosophical views about wealth management.
*A client-first mentality
*Well-credentialed (CFA, CPA, CFP, CIAA, JD, MBA) for investment oriented roles.


Calling all Retiring Brokers or RIAs:
*Contact us to explore selling your "book of business" upon retirement. We believe we are an attractive option for both the broker and the client.
*After getting to know us you will be comfortable turning your clients over to our firm and should expect low turnover due to our excellent client service.
*We would transition the relationships over predetermined period-of-time, during and after which we would agree to pay you a trail based on the business that remained at the firm. Structure negotiable.

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