With almost 20 years of industry experience, Dave Becker is ready to move his business to the next level. He built his business from scratch through years of cold calling and door-to-door prospecting on many nights and weekends. Mr. Becker knows what it takes to not only build a business, but to maintain and show consistent growth through a variety of business environments. After transitioning his business already once in his career, he knows the right fit is far more important than the size of the acquisition.

In today's increasingly competitive environment, Mr. Becker believes his personal service is what differentiates him from his peers. Performance comes and goes, but personal service lasts. From proactive client service calls to same-day phone and email replies, Mr. Becker's service model has built strong client loyalty, resulting in very low turnover and regular referrals. This has clearly resulted in a win-win situation for himself and his valued clients.

Mr. Becker understands that trust is the glue that holds society together. When managing other people's hard-earned life savings, trust is paramount. Therefore, Mr. Becker is certain to set realistic expectations, communicate promptly and clearly and never try to "sell" a client on anything. Under-promising and over-fulfilling is a cornerstone philosophy of Mr. Becker. In spite of not following the industry trend of glitzy marketing and a litany of complicated products, Mr. Becker has grown his business at a 15.25% Compound Annual Growth Rate over each of the last nine years while consistently being in the top 10% of producers for his national independent Broker Dealer. In order to further differentiate himself from industry peers and to expand his knowledge base, Mr. Becker decided early in his career to go the extra step by earning his Certified Financial Planner designation in 2004 and his Chartered Financial Consultant designation in 2006.

From a product standpoint, Mr. Becker believes less is more. Today's market includes a wider array of investment choices than ever, yet the needs of clients remain relatively unchanged. Smoke and mirror marketing terms and the prevalence of (often incorrect) information has clients more confused than ever. Mr. Becker's tried-and-true mutual funds may not make a "top performer" list in a particular quarter or year, but will reward clients over the long run in a variety of markets. This may be the antithesis of today's marketing campaigns, but the best and most suitable solutions are rarely the flashiest ones.

Finally, Mr. Becker believes he makes his best investments at home. He and his wife Staci have been married for 19 years and have four beautiful children. He was pretty sure they were going to stop at three, but God profoundly moved in his heart and they adopted their fourth child from China in May of 2016. Their house is active to say the least, but it's also THE reason he goes to work every day.

More of Mr. Becker's personal story and business philosophy can be found on his website at ___ Thanks for reading!

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