We are looking to acquire an RIA firm in northeast Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, or SW Florida (Naples to Ft. Myers) with revenues ranging from $500K - $3M.

In addition to our prime objective, we are open to continuity partnering with succession in the next 5-10 years with firms in our targeted areas. This multi-year plan can allow you to address death and disability now, remove some operational responsibilities, and secure a successor for when you're ready to leave the business.

We are NOT interested in selling equity or joining a roll-up firm or firm that is wholly or partly owned by a roll-up firm.


True Wealth Design (TWD) is a registered investment advisor (no b/d) that is headquartered in Akron, OH with a satellite office in Naples, FL. We also provide tax services.

TWD was created to make a substantial positive difference in our clients’ lives, our employees’ lives, and the communities where we live and work. The means by which we strive to do this is by proactively delivering holistic financial advice in a sophisticated, transparent manner while providing a great client experience.

We are led by a highly motivated, early-40s managing principal. We have grown from $0 in revenue to over 7 figures in just ten years -- all organically. Now we are ready to leverage our investments in our team (includes 4 CFPs, 1 CPA), technology, and operations to grow and serve more clients through the right acquisition.

Our focus is acquiring and serving pre-retiree clients with $500K+ in assets with integrated wealth management services -- retirement planning, investment management, and tax planning services. We also have streamlined service models to serve less affluent families and younger accumulators. We do not have asset minimums but minimum fees for various service models.

Discretionary asset management is done in-house. We are asset allocators -- not stock-pickers or market-timers -- and predominantly but not exclusively use DFA funds.

Our small-firm culture can be described as a non-commissioned, intellectual environment where a true passion for financial planning drives the work we do. We are not too formal, like to have fun, and care about our clients. We work hard, get things done on time, have high expectations of all team members, and pay close attention to details.

If you see a potential business opportunity and fit with what I've described, please contact me.


Kevin Kroskey, CFP, MBA

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