We have managed an equity value hedge fund for a family office for 20 years. The fourth generation is liquidating the fund in 2024 ($14 million not included in AUM).

We also have a separately managed account business. We do not use 3p managers - we create portfolios of stocks. We are extremely tax-efficient for non-qualified accounts and do tax planning for our qualified accounts. For instance, our hedge fund has only taxable partners - 85% of the $14 million NAV is in unrealized long-term gains, and for the past 18 years the cumulative return has been about 70% tax-deferred. Most of the realized income has been in qualified dividends or net long-term realized gains.

We are just as tax efficient in our non-qualified SMAs. We manage shares of great companies for our clients directly. We hold those shares for long period of time but aggressively harvest losses and minimize net long-term gains when our clients raise cash. For qualified accounts we constantly monitor changes in prospective income differentials to minimize the "widows" tax, retirement income tax minimization and heirs tax liabilities.

We offer investment management, social security timing, retirement income, tax planning retirement planning, financial planning using eMoney, and estate plan coordination.

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