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We are specialized in advising family owned and owner managed businesses that desire to maintain their corporate and business culture for generations to come. This is classified as professional succession planning.
As a result, we are very involved in the professional administration of organizational assessments. This is managed by our 25-year formal relationship with an organizational psychology group. In addition, we also address substance abuse and marital discord among the stakeholders. This is very prevalent in privately held family owned and managed businesses.
We also address the HR, tax and legal areas. We are shareholders of National Advisors Trust which is 100% owned by advisors.
We handle the wealth management side. We have been out of the AUM chase for some time. However, we are qualified to address DOL issues within the qualified plan world. We hold AIF, AIFA, Ph.D., CPA, CFP etc designations. Some of our partners are nationally recognized in their field.
We have acted as COO, CEO etc for some private businesses that needed our help.
We are looking for some strategic purchases of AUM businesses in the Florida area. We are very experienced managing value-based portfolios. We no longer use any managed money platforms. We custody or have the alignment to custody with National Advisors Trust, TD, Schwab and others. We emphasize the fiduciary side as secure trust bank relationships that are aligned with other custody groups such as TD and Natco.
We are classified as a multi-office family office. Account size is no longer critical at this juncture. We are looking for a mass-market clientele.

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