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$120MM AUM | $1.6MM GDC in Denver, CO

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Denver, CO, US
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Denver-based RIA that is 100% fee-based and has already successfully completed three acquisitions. Unique sourcing process for alternative income-producing assets that have been highly popular with clients. During last acquisition, we increased assets from $21MM identified and transferring, to $27MM that transferred over by increasing client wallet share and getting them involved with our consistently-producing alternative income investments. Looking for smaller $20-50MM advisors who are looking to either retire, or to find a succession which allows them to cash flow for another 3-10 years during transition, and who are also looking for a wonderful home for their clients. Our typical clients are accredited, have $1.8MM of assets to manage, and we are 100% fee-based, so would not be able to take on insurance business. We offer behaviorally guided onboarding, financial planning, public investment strategies, and private cash-flowing investments. We are also looking for friendly buy-out partners who have their clients best interest in mind, versus tactically oriented individuals who are just trying to shop out their "deal." ___

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