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Looking for a succession candidate who is interested in taking on an apprenticeship with the idea of a buy-out/5 yr. plan. I do not want to switch BD so only considering candidates within mine or those who will make the switch. Want to bring someone local into the office, and is willing to spend a year with the person for education. This person could ideally be another broker who wanted to merge their small business. Open to finding the right person as soon as the opportunity presents itself, there are no set time limit. The ideal candidate would have a series 7 license and 4-5 years of experience, although this is not obligatory.

The net profit was $50,000 in 2016. This is a small business concentrated in A shares, 80 % of the revenues are generated by 12-B-1 fees. 90% of the practice is mutual funds held direct and in brokerage accounts. All A shares.
10% of the practice is individual equities.

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