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Let us help you grow your practice. We want to add a few planners to our team. We provide an extensive technology platform, complete office support & high payout. Most important, we get you new clients with our 5 person sales team, who focuses solely on locating and booking qualified leads for our planners. Insight Wealth Strategies, LLC is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm composed of a team of 10 client facing Financial Planners with an additional support staff of 23, including 5 internal planners who completely support the client facing planners in every facet of their practice. Our planners spend 100% of their time working with clients or prospective clients. We have 4 offices, San Ramon, Livermore, Point Richmond and Houston, TX. We have our own internal investment management team of 4, focused on managing equity and ETF portfolios using our own proprietary quantitative system. We have built teams for client service, trading, financial plan creation, paperwork processing, marketing, HR, and sales. We have built capacity into our system and thus are looking to add additional planners who have their own book and would prefer to focus on their clients and not on the day to day of running a practice. We truly provide the highest level of client service and communication that allows us to retain 98% of our clients year after year. We recently moved into our own 14,000 sq/ft Class A office in Bishop Ranch. Our job is to get you new clients, so If you are looking for a new home to grow your practice, give us a call to explore your options.

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