Divergent Wealth Advisors, LLC was created to change how people engage with their advisor. Every advisor at our firm has their CFP designation and our practice has a heavy emphasis on financial planning which we provide to every client who pays us an AUM fee. We are primarily fee-based, but do have a relationship with a broker-dealer in the cases where those products make more sense for the client. We have a unique financial planning process that results in over a 90% close ratio for new prospects. We are heavy ETF users and have created an elegantly simple asset allocation program that our clients have raved about. We are very heavy into creating and following systematized workflows so we can not only scale with efficiency but can provide a consistent and sought-after product and service offering for the clients.

We are looking for very specific advisors who are 1 to 2 years away from retirement and want to structure a tax efficient buyout. We build in extra financial incentives to the advisor for helping their clients transition to our firm. We are confident our onboarding process and people will help clients see the tremendous value of working with our firm. We are looking for advisors who have a primarily local clientele, who see value in planning, are primarily fee-based, and who would value a highly experienced team of CFPs and support staff, to help transition their clients to the firm.

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