With nearly 20 years in practice and at least 25 more to go until retirement, I am actively looking to acquire like books-of-business from advisors of a similar ilk looking for a retirement exit.

While currently residing in the DC Metro area, it is our intent to set up shop in Greenville, SC while maintaining a permanent presence in Northern VA.

I've spent years with a major wirehouse, but was wise enough to move to a quasi-independent arrangement, utilizing all the services of another major wirehouse, in 2014. I am looking to eventually end up in a fully independent Hybrid RIA environment, most likely within the next two years.

My ideal candidate has $30MM or greater in AUM, with a majority of revenue generated from advisory business, though I am certainly open to discussions.

My practice operates under a regimented, high-touch service model where we get to know our clients' specific objectives. Our intent is for clients obtained through an acquisition to experience an equal or upgraded level of day-to-day service and feel comfortable about their advisor's decision to merge their practice with us.

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