I am in the process of building my book of business and I have had success with the accounts that other brokers didn't want based on their size. I establish relationships with these clients and their families. By staying up to date with the technological advances Morgan Stanley's platform implements, and being a good listener, my team is able to produce investment strategies that are aligned with the clients goals. I have a passion for this industry and a thirst for helping retirees and executives organize their finances and protect their family's wealth. I'm not the greatest prospector, which is the reason I am interested in working with an advisor who is looking to get out of the business but, still wants a genuine person who is great at building portfolios and takes the responsibility of caring for their clients very seriously. This will be a win win for both the seller and myself and I can be of great value for those who are interested in working with an enthusiastic, some what young new advisor. I hope to hear from someone ___ a great day!

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