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Looking to buy wealth management firms in the NY area.

Clarity Capital
Experienced professionals from around the world, working in a single team, focused on a common mission.
Clarity Capital is built around the mission of providing the highest level of investment management services to families, foundations and institutional clients on a global basis. The Clarity team is composed of highly experienced investment professionals from around the world, working in concert to deliver a consistent and outstanding result.

The Clarity Capital Commitment
Transparency: in a traditionally opaque industry, we provide a clear view of the service we offer, the professional practices that form its foundations, and the precise results that it yields.
Innovative: we employ a thorough, rigorous and detail-oriented investment process, focused on risk management and capital protection, that is relentlessly innovative in order to maximize value for our clients.
Personalized: we serve as your partner and confidant in wealth-planning and fiscal-decision making, placing trust and communication at the center of our offering.

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