FULL FMV FOR YOUR BOOK: Established east-side planning firm with 30+ years experience in Retirement Income, Tax-efficient investing and Estate Planning. We are open to acquiring all or part of select HNW clientele from your book of business that is located within the immediate vicinity of Kirkland, WA. We are capable of servicing clients out of the area on a case-by-case basis, but give preference to those able to come to our Kirkland location. In addition to our advisory practice, we have established relationships with CPA and Estate Planning Attorneys under our roof.

We will service legacy VA and MF portfolios. Our primary focus is on the acquisition of fee-based client portfolios and others that can be converted to TAMP. We offer a wide array of Alternatives for those looking for suitable diversification. We have no interest in individual stock trading clients.

We are open to discussing your transition planning goals that lead to your successful exit. We have funding available for the full FMV of your book. Client relationships are critical to our success as we operate on a referral-only basis. You should be able to demonstrate the strength of your client relationships and have a strong desire to see that they continued to be cared for in the manner that they have become accustomed to under your watch.

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