I have been in the Investment Management industry for 53 years. Triumph Fund Management began in 1977 as DGM Investments. As National Sales Manager of Futures & Options for Shearson Hayden Stone from '74 to '78 we became a key profit center.

Today, the Triumph Team manages diverse, long and short (arbitrage) investments among highly liquid, listed securities, indices and alternatives for clients. Triumph’s flagship Multi-Strategy Long/Short Fund was first offered in 2014. Our Diversified Fund was created in 1996 and presently employs 9 totally independent strategies that have generated positive returns in 11 of the past 12 years. We employ spreads and outright trades in highly liquid instruments.

We offer an excellent service at a fair price, specifically tailoring positions to our investors’ individual needs. Our remuneration is performance oriented and most of our Strategy Management Teams use little or no leverage, yet perform very well.

As governmental regulatory over-reach plus Federal, State and local taxes along with additional administrative costs require considerable attention. Reporting and legal restrictions such as those recently promulgated for retirement accounts are also becoming increasingly onerous. We work with asset raisers and sales personnel to implement specific plans with positive objectives at fair cost.

Our clients' needs and objectives are paramount and their satisfaction is mandatory. Our consistent performance is the result of our constant focus, extensive experience and diversified investment approach that constantly adjusts to the prevailing investment environment. Diversity is our watchword as demonstrated by our ability to generate positive return regardless of market direction.

We do not employ broad solicitation but rather work with individual or institutional investors paying careful attention to individual needs. This is accomplished via close personal contact, frequent communication and coordination to satisfy individually specific objectives.

James S. Moore, Managing Member, Triumph Investment Fund Management LLC

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