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12 years as a successful Financial Advisor looking to grow my practice through the acquisition of a new firm. My focus is on fee based with an emphasis on financial planning.

Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Cambridge is one of the largest privately-controlled independent broker-dealers in the country and provides a comprehensive array of financial products and services. This alliance enables me to strengthen client relationships through new venues of service and support.

I would like an opportunity to discuss becoming your Successor. Cambridge has a dedicated team to assist in the Successor process. As your successor Cambridge will assist from beginning to end for the best transition of your clients and help you accomplish your retirement goals.

I hope you recognize my dedication to personal service and stability. Cambridge provides me with independence which translates to more options to accommodate your financial goals.

I have the ability to choose from several different firms to invest your assets. We can customize your client’s investment strategy by accessing the options that work best for their financial goals.

Working with Cambridge, I am able to choose from a vast menu of programs, products, and services to meet your client’s specific needs. The client determines our relationship as I am able to accommodate both fee- and commission-based services. Again, it’s about personalization and being able to work for your clients.

Please feel free to contact me ___ at ___-___-____ with any questions. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become your successor and accomplish your retirement goals.

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