I am currently a partner at an RIA firm with 275mm AUM, based in Minnesota. I was also formerly a partner at a firm with over 550mm AUM, and sold my interest a couple years ago. I am advertising this in alternate locations, because I desire to relocate to Florida, Arizona or Texas for the right fit. I am looking purchase a practice with $20-75mm AUM and 100-200 households. I am looking for an RIA practice, or B/D practice that could be transitioned to an RIA, fee based only, structure. I would prefer a practice that provides planning, asset management, and asset allocation services. On the asset management side, ETF's, individual equities, options, and mutual funds should be primary investment vehicles in order to be a good fit.

I am open to discussing various structures for the purchase, including upfront cash, seller held financing, phase out, residual payments, etc. I am open to operating the practice on its own or looking at how it could fold into my existing entity.

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