Quincy Cass Associates, Inc. is willing to add assets thru acquisition or sunset provisions, but would prefer add a few advisors to help build up our team. We are a one-hundred-year-old investment/advisory firm founded in 1922 and based in West Los Angeles with a unique family culture and office feel with a simple motto, “CLIENT FIRST”. We have an obsession for taking care of our customers and employees and making them feel welcomed and valued by building lasting relationships, doing the right thing.

Our firm is a unique hybrid in that we offer traditional brokerage services thru Quincy Cass Associates or investment management services thru QCA Capital Management. This allows our advisers flexibility to determine what is best to service their clients. Brokerage services are cleared thru Fidelity Institutional while investment management services are offered thru Schwab and Fidelity Custody services.

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