I am on here as a young, motivated 24 year old financial advisor. I have had to build my own practice from the ground up the past couple years. I am currently working on my CFP which i hope to have by the middle of 2019. I am looking for someone who is selling their book outright or willing to bring me on under their wing to help expand and even slowly sell of their practice. I am really interested in any opportunity to grow in general and succeed in this business. In just two years in the business i brought in 7AUM and did 100k in insurance premium and 2M annuities. Because i am captive I want to move out so If you are looking for someone young, energetic, personable and motivated, I would love to help any way I can.

I am looking to move into a fee based model and changing Broker dealers so moving is not an issue. It is going to be best for my clients and myself long term.

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