Financial Services for Individuals
Finding Your Path to Prosperity
RJ Patterson group provides proven expertise and transparent guidance on your Ascent to Prosperity™. We help our clients gain financial clarity and provide direction in planning financial growth and sustainable wealth so they can start thinking about what they want to do, instead of how they’ll do it.

As a full-life financial partner, we realize life’s challenges impact not just finances but the relationships in your life as well. We want to make sure you are prepared to take care of what matters most, in every phase of life.

Financial Services for Businesses
Creating your Benefits Brand
Would your friends want to work at your company?

How strong is your internal “benefits brand” with employees?

RJ Patterson Group team helps businesses strengthen their internal brand with employees through creation of customized 401(K) benefit packages that help attract the best candidates and retain key personnel. By elevating your internal benefits brand, you differentiate your organization from companies that don’t prioritize their employees through the benefits they offer.

We help elevate companies in the eyes of their employees by providing consultancy for all 401K related products. We act as product agnostic partners, utilizing 3rd party administrators and vendors to create your internal benefit brand.

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