Advisor Listing - $21MM AUM Merge/Continuity Opportunity in Paramus, NJ. I recently moved to a large independent brokerage firm. I wasn't able to bring most of my clients along with me due to the illness of my dad who passed away last year. I took most of my time to help care for my family and spend with him. I have over twenty years experience and has worked for some of the largest financial institutions in America. I am client focused and do most of my business face to face. I provide clear explanations and breakdown complex financial language into layman's terms. I work with a wide range of products, mutual funds, REITS, ETF's, stocks, bonds and annuities. I'm starting to build a mostly fee based practice going forward. I'm looking for a senior advisor who would like to have a go getter work his book and share in the revenue with the ultimate goal of succession. I'm also looking at opportunities to buy a book of business. I'm open to various options and arrangements. My broker dealer will contribute financially to the transfer process.

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