There are three partners with seven other employees. The partners have a combined 60 years in the business. One partner in his 60's and two in their late 40's. Most of our business is in the DFW area and Texas but we have clients in approximately 40 states.

Our main focus is moving to fee-based and we have started to implement more financial planning using eMoney as a foundation of the client relationship.

We successfully completed a buyout of a small book back in 2015 and another in 2017. This proved to be a valuable learning experience. In 2021 we completed a large buyout. We are looking to purchase other books of business when there’s a fit. We would prefer the “retiring” advisor to stay engaged in the buyout for at least one year post the completion of the sale. Open to the advisor(s) staying on as part of the business until they (or God) decide to hang it up. We are also open to partnering (Succession Plan) if you’re at our same BD/platform and marketing together. We do some educational classes that has been a successful asset gathering tool.

Technology we use is RedTail for CRM, Morningstar Advisor Workstation, eMoney for financial planning and HiddenLevers for portfolio and client risk.

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