We're an independent RIA looking for advisors who are interested in merging or selling their practices. We focus on comprehensive financial planning for families and businesses using a mix of proprietary investment strategies, private placements, insurance and annuity strategies. In just over three years we went from $0 AUM to $200mm. Before that we have written around $700k of fixed business. That growth was all organic. Our firm has a small boutique feel and a culture that focuses on strong faith, families, and marriages, both for our advisors and staff, as well as client base.

At a high level, our value proposition to advisors falls into three categories:

1) Advisor Profitability - Strategies and solutions to make your practice more profitable, as well as pre-determined exit strategy packages so you can see and guarantee a finish line.

2) Investment Solutions - Access to an intuitive investment framework that allows advisors to collaborate with clients in a way that makes the complex, simple, as well as sustainable for a long term relationship.

3) Culture - Many in our firm are followers of Christ, though it is not a prerequisite. This results in a culture where we proactively engage in activities and dialog with each other and clients with the desired outcome of stronger marriages, families, and deeper faith.

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