I enjoy helping people with their lifetime goals. I have been a CFP(R) practitioner for over 30 years. I am smart (Phi Beta Kappa, Regent's Scholar) and I love people and math which makes this a great profession for me! I have very high integrity! Four of my former assistants all have me managing their money. I have an office in Long Beach and a satellite office in Colorado. I would like to add about $5,000,000 AUM to my practice and I would prefer to add something in Long Beach. I have a $250,000 minimum but I will lower that amount for family members of clients.
I have my own ADV but I mostly work through my Broker/Dealer LPL. I use the Ibbotson Software to create my Efficient Frontiers and Asset Allocations and I use Money Tree for my retirement illustrations. I use LPL's software for my quarterly client reporting. If you want someone smart and caring to take over your practice, or part of it and most of your clients have at least $250,000 then I may just be the person you are looking for!

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