We are based in the south end of SF Bay Area. We have 3 principals ages 69, 45 and 38. We are looking to expand via merger and ultimately phase out the 69 year old principal over a two to five year period. We are primarily a DFA shop using Schwab and Fidelity as custodian for our clients. We also work with a large TAMP to administer our business and interface with the custodial firms.

In addition to the asset management services, we also provide extensive planning services and we own an interest in a tax prep firm that services our clients tax needs. Two of our principals are CPAs and CFPs, plus we have CPAs and EAs working in the related tax firm. We are in the process of expanding the tax business at the same time we add capacity for the RIA firm.

We have grown our practice both organically as well as through mergers and acquisitions. We are ideally looking for practitioners with a similar investment philosophy, fee-based and at least $50 million AUM of their own. We are interested both in young practitioners seeking a long-term growth opportunity as well as older advisers who are focused on their succession planning. If this sounds like YOU, please email us to start a conversation.

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