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Jon Baker Financial Group is a fee-based planning firm located in the Dunwoody/Sandy Springs area of Atlanta, GA. We are committed to the belief that to best serve our clients, each new client must go through an initial financial planning process before we can manage their assets. Over 90% of our $2MM annual revenue comes from AUM and planning fees. Thus far, the firm has grown organically through networking and client referrals. With the current addition of new advisors and new support staff, we are now prepared to begin the process of growth via M&A. With step one complete, we are onto step two, which is to find a good fit for the buyer and the seller.
Our best fit buyer:
• Is currently providing financial planning for a fee.
• Has a revenue stream that is at least 50% derived from quarterly AUM investment advisory fees.
What we offer:
• A robust client service model.
o Our firm culture is one of best in class client service. Examples:
 Standard-Knowing ahead of time that a client likes his coffee with cream and Splenda and handing it to him when he steps in the door.
 We task each team member to perform five individual random acts of kindness per quarter, and their compensation is based on it. Our employees are looking beyond financial matters alone to find ways to positively impact our clients.
 Each planning client receives an annual customer service questionnaire, and team bonuses are based upon the scores we receive.
o Our client retention rate is over 98%.
o To position ourselves favorably for the upcoming largest wealth transfer in our nation’s history from the boomers to the millennials (The Great Wealth Transfer), we created NextGenU. NextGenU is an online course of five interactive video modules that is designed to assist our clients’ children and grandchildren learn the basics of sound financial planning at an early age (18-26).
• A repeatable, systemized process.
o Jon Baker has been training advisors for over 20 years, first as a branch manager and now as President of Jon Baker Financial Group. Each advisor is directly trained and mentored by him to ensure that each client receives the same experience, regardless of the advisor they are meeting with. Our practice is “plug and play” in that we can introduce a new advisor or new employee into the practice using written guidelines, procedures, and service standards in place for each position.
• A goal-driven environment with measurement and rewards
o Our goal is to become a $10MM revenue firm by 2023, and both team goals and individual goals are designed with this in mind.
• Team focused environment
o Our bonus structure creates an environment that brings out the best in each individual team member and also the team as a whole. Every member of our planning or advisor support team is either a CFP® certificant or holds a Master’s degree, or both. Our focus on education leads our team members to be more easily cross-trained to provide support whenever needed.

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