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Research and investment selection, economic and business environment monitoring assessment, asset class and portfolio management. buy/sell decisions and financial and retirement planning.

These things are not our job. They are not our primary focus.

Rather, our job is to help our clients:

Enjoy a good life
Sleep better at night
Live out their future dreams.

The tools we use in our job are all the tasks noted above. But our job is about our clients and their lives, not the market or numbers or charts or news.

Our work is to engage in critical thinking, asking why or why not and then empowering ourselves to go forward, making a difference in the lives of our clients and in the world.

We invest primarily in individual equities and bonds. We use very few mutual funds or ETF's. Our philosophy is the buck stops here. We do the management, we make the decisions and we stand behind all that we do.

All accounts, except one, are discretionary accounts. We have a simple buy/sell discipline that is easy to enforce and even easier to use..

My background is seminarian, priesthood, architect, registered investment advisor and CEO. Priesthood and architecture is probable the best background for an investment advisor. We listen to the client's story, where they are and where they hope to be. We then take this story and turn it into very real and exact plans and strategies for investments.

I still have 7-8 years before retirement and succession. I am not looking for a book of business but rather clients whose current investment advisor wishes to hand off, for whatever reason, and have managed with care and utmost diligence. Ideally, they are clients who have been managed as mine have with individual conservative equities and discretionary fee accounts.

In addition to acquiring clients, I hope. at some point, to pass on my clients on to someone who has worked with them for at least a few months to ensure that my clients are well cared for in the transition and beyond.

AUM is approximately $32mm, annual gross approximately $410k, average fee 1.65%

Thank you

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