Our office caters to middle-class families. We serve the under-served. Although our "average" household only has $175K with us, we see ourselves as partners in our clients' financial growth. We appreciate our clients and we make sure they know it. We want them to feel like part of a bigger "family", with our office looking out for their financial interests. We run unique events and webinars for our clients that are designed to educate and have some fun. We have FinTech, an Admin staff, and we have operational systems in place to help run our business model. We're currently looking to grow our office by selective acquisition - by acquiring full/partial books of business and/or adding additional talent (advisors) to our team.
- If you've got a partial book that's "too middle class" for you, I'd like to speak with you about possibly acquiring it.
- If you're an advisor that's looking to exit the business or downsize, I'd like to see if we might be a "fit" as your successor!
- If you're currently looking at Broker/Dealer options and our approach hits home with you, I'd love to have a conversation about that, as well!

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