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My business is centered around comprehensive planning. From a plan that is developed and written, we help our clients put the plan into place. This leads to asset management, protection planning, retirement planning and estate services (among others). By working with other professionals like CPAs, Property and Casualty companies and Estate attorneys we cover all of the planning needs for our clients. Once the plan is implemented we meet with our clients 2x a year (for those whose assets we help manage - for everyone else 1x per year) to make sure that we remain on top of any changes. We/I pride my self on the level of knowledge and detail I bring into any conversation. In addition, our follow up to make sure things are acted upon and completed properly is second to none. This level of detail in everything we do has lead to a remarkable retention rate of over 98% and has helped me grow organically for 25 years. I have hired great young talent and with their assistance I am looking for opportunities to purchase outgoing advisor practices. I am more than willing to help in any transition in any way I can. I am also one that wants to work with the outgoing advisor to maintain the same, if not better level of service and to work with them to get to know their practice and how they have managed it in the past. I am willing to pay a fair price and am absolutely willing to discuss what is considered a fair price but more importantly how and when payments can and should be made (the devil is in the details). I guess what I am saying is that I am willing and open to discussing whatever makes the outgoing advisor feel the most comfortable. Transitioning to retirement is hard enough, you do not need a transition plan that makes it more complicated.

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