$20MM AUM | $90,000 GDC in Huntington, WV

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My business is comprised of indexed & variable annuities, non traded real estate investments trusts, and some advisory business and mutual funds. I'm considering leaving my present BD so I'm here to explore other BD options. I was a very successful branch manager at AG Edwards. I started as an independent rep in 2007.

I'm looking to partner with another advisor with a possibility of becoming my successor. I'd like someone who is tuned to marketing, growing, sharing ideas, building, etc... This individual would need to work with me in my office, or I would consider moving offices but it still needs to be local to Huntington. I'm open to younger advisors coming in.


I'm also open to selling off this book of business to another firm but stay on with that firm continuing to service my clients, but lessen some of my responsibilities a little bit. Growing the business excites me! I don't want to walk away completely for now. However, retiring is the ultimate goal in a few years.

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