I am interested in helping our clients, our team and even you achieve your goals. Whether that goal for you is complete retirement, still being involved but taking more time off, working full time and continuing to grow your business and even trying to find a good home for your clients and also your team members, I want to be able to say yes to whatever your situation.

I have built an organization which can accommodate a variety of different situations and are open to a good conversation to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

My team and I have built a great growth oriented process where we grow by 20%+ per year and have a 98-99% retention ratio. And we have very happy clients. We are also very big on planning and every client has a plan through our planning software. We review those plans with every client every year. We also have an investment model (through our investment team) that has outpaced our indices each quarter for the last 6.5 yrs. If we work together, you can use your own model and marketing or we can work together to combine forces. What ever will work best for you and your clients.

If this sounds attractive to you, no matter what your situation is, let's get together on a phone call or video call. My goal on that call is to say yes; Yes to help you achieve what you want from your business. In most cases, we have been able to do that.

Looking forward to talking soon.


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