The DRL Group specializes in bonds, primarily tax-free bonds. Approximately 80% of our transactions are in the tax-free space, and out of those, about 75% fall under the insured category. Our specialty is acquiring bonds from dealers and then splitting them into retail accounts. We subsequently look for the “perfect match” (requested credit quality, yield, duration, and block size) within our client base for each bond. We focus mainly on the bid side of the market, and then pass along any savings (resulting in higher yield) to the client. Using this approach, we are able to show clients a wide array of bonds-- in all 50 states -- that meet our clients’ objectives. Once we establish an account, we maintain close communication, and of course, monitor existing bonds within the account.

The DRL Group also maintains a trading desk which interacts with the street. Our coutnerparties are other Broker Dealers and RIA's who rely on us to provide them liquidity in the fixed income markets. The DRL Group utilizes various custom developed programs to assist in managing not only the inventory but also trades to both retail and institutional accounts.

We believe it is critical to reiterate that bonds are all we do. Our clients rely on us to manage the debt portion of their total asset base. Our #1 objective is to keep their money working tax-free, while our clients continue with what they do best (excelling in their careers, running their businesses—even retirement).

Please note that we do not charge any management fees. Instead, we will make our return from the minimal mark up on bonds which are purchased. Because of this desk aspect in our trading patterns, we belive The DRL Group offers the client more muni products and in most cases at higher yields.

The DRL Group is intrested in buying books of buinsess from anywhere in the country that would fit our model. If you have a book of buisness which focuses on Fixed Income, talk to us, we look forward to establishing the relationship.

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