VisionPoint Advisory Group is comprised of like-minded & goal-driven individuals that allow for a partnership track for mergers with financial service professionals looking to Collaborate to make an Impact on their clients' lives. The goal is to build and sustain a true company that can pass to the net generations of advisors. We currently have offices in Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Montana.

VisionPiont Advisory Group is comprised of both Corporate 401k/Retirement Business and Private Client Advisory Business. Our Advisors have access to a number of proprietary & non-proprietary resources that include but not limited to VPI - Investment Management, WealthBridge FORMula, 3-D Solutions, and Strategic Breakthrough Process; plus Client & Advisor On-Boarding process, and staff/advisor support, training & development. These processes allow our advisor to give their clients' the best experience and advise.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on what VisionPoint Advisors have available to help them make a Breakthrough in their business and more importantly, an Impact on their clients' lives. As you look at your options to partner - sell - merge - or just want to connect - we have a dedicated resource to discuss your situation.

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