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Pasadena Private Wealth was launched in May, 2018 when a team of Advisers lifted out from Merrill Lynch. PPW offers a holistic practice that is focused on business owners and entrepreneurs and currently serves 140 HNW families. PPW has an experienced team that services the institutional retirement business. PPW uses a disciplined, tax efficient approach to managing client assets using a trend strategy portfolio of ETFs. We are looking for Advisers who may be retiring in the next few years and want to offer their clients a seamless transition. We are also open to having an Adviser join us that would like to leverage our platform which includes wealth management, lending, real estate, private equity and and investment banking services. We recently launched our first Real Estate fund that allows our clients and non-clients to invest directly in a pool of commercial income producing properties. Later in 2020, we have plans to launch a PE/VC fund that allow direct investing into private enterprises at various stages of development. Advisers who have clients who like to invest in real estate and private equity would benefit from being part of our team. Our lending platform focuses on lower middle market companies which is another advantage that we offer an Adviser who competes with the bank platforms.

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