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As an independent investment advisor, we focus on providing disciplined and personalized investment management for individuals, businesses and charitable institutions. We advise only a limited number of clients and therefore, we are responsive to individual client needs and can rapidly adapt portfolios to new opportunities and changing economic conditions. As fiduciaries, our clients' financial well-being is our priority.

Our goal is to provide clients peace of mind. We look to achieve positive and consistent returns while generating lower volatility relative to market indexes. Ultimately, we believe this can only be achieved through active management and the confidence that comes with knowing the fundamentals underlying individual investments. Most portfolios reflect a balanced approach that employs both equities and fixed income. We seek to reduce risk by investing in securities of undervalued companies with well-established earnings, frequently operating in non-cyclical industries. We also seek investments that offer unusual value, exhibit specific catalysts or capture major long-term growth themes. Our portfolios typically generate higher income than the average market index.

We seek to grow assets under management in order to offset eventual losses associated with an aging clientele.

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